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Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Hands-on Review

Discussion in 'Linux From Scratch' started by hadmad, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. hadmad

    hadmad VIP Member

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    Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Hands-on Review

    Posted: 02 Nov 2009 02:16 AM PST

    Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Hands-on Review

    Regular users of Ubuntu, the popular Linux software, will be interested to know that a brand new version (v9.10) is available to try out. We have a hands-on review for you to check out now, giving you a detailed lowdown on what to expect.

    The hands-on review comes to you courtesy of PC-Mag,
    Hands On with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) - Reviews by PC Magazine
    who have given us their opinions on version 9.10. Updates and new features include Gnome 2.28, a new login manager, faster boot-up time, changes to the power management, new intel video drivers and much more.

    PC-Mag point out that operating the new software is a breeze, thanks to improved layout, user-friendly navigation and smooth loading times.

    Head over to the link above for the full review, where you’ll also be able to check out a few sample screenshots.