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unable to get internet to work

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Jim1088, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Jim1088

    Jim1088 Member

    hi still unable to get h2s to work , network test 5 green ticks link red tried wizard , fta --ok , line -ok works fine in my home , take it to friends , internet is 03 .ie [​IMG]

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  2. jnv

    jnv Member

    Is the connection set to wired or wifi?

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  3. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Need more info please. Are u wired or using WiFi? Please explain whats going on and what the issue is in detail.

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  4. Jim1088

    Jim1088 Member

    hi wired from internet to box , flicking green/yellow , network test shows 5 green tick , link not shown green tick , tried wizard setup , no luck , also tried wifi put code in , again no luck , now , tried on 2 boxes , both work in my home , take to friends , my internet is Vodafone , also change cable to internet have FTA ,know this straight from LNB , thanks for any help , ps have WB
  5. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    When u go into adapter settings, have u interface selected like my pic?

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  6. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member


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  7. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Try rebooting both the box and the router, hold power button on remote until menu appears and select deep standby, once its in standby turn of with white button on the back, now reboot the router (power off then power on) and let router boot up and then turn the box on again with white button on back.
  8. Jim1088

    Jim1088 Member

    not being able to try any off the above as friends away, adapter settings as above , will try grog 68 and thanks again for your help
  9. Jim1088

    Jim1088 Member

    hi to above friend tried as suggested no luck , have me banging my head ha ha
  10. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Check in the router settings if family protection is on. It's known to block lines.
  11. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    theres no shield on the router blocking the box is there?
  12. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Turn off firewall in the router and see if that's the problem.

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  13. maryg

    maryg Member

    Has anything fixed this problem we have boxes that are working in my house but not in my daughters , she is using Sky internet and am using Virgin , any clues
  14. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Sky have a parental control on by default in their router. I forget what it's called. That would need to be turned off.

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  15. maryg

    maryg Member

    yes we sorted it now , thing is it worked for 12 months without any issues and then it suddenly stopped its access , very strange .
  16. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Have u gone in and checked its not turned back on? Sometimes an update or reboot van do this. Turn off the firewall if nothing changes.

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  17. jadelouise92

    jadelouise92 Member

    how do i get my internet back on by using my laptop
  18. itskenallen

    itskenallen Member

    Emmm what???

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