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using sky wifi extender in open box

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by garybiscuit, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. garybiscuit

    garybiscuit Member

    When I go into network settings on the open box and scroll over to wifi, the wifi manager is grey, and I cannot access it to put in my internet settings.
    I am using a Sky wifi extender plugged into the open box and on the wifi extender just the power light is on,When I put it back into the sky box wifi comes back on.
    Do you think it is the sky wifi extender that is the problem? :( I cannot use an ethernet cable,the router is upstairs
  2. jerico2048

    jerico2048 Member

    Wifi extenders will always cause issues sooner or later, why dont you purchase some powerline adapters, they work wonders!!!!!
  3. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Just use a simple skybox/openbox wifi dongle. Under a fiver on the bay.
  4. Tezzers

    Tezzers Member

    If i remember correctly, i had the same problem when first setting up, but a reboot gave me the set up option :)

    EDIT: Reboot with the dongle plugged in the openbox.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  5. garybiscuit

    garybiscuit Member

    That is a big thanks to you all :thumbsup:will try that

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