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VOD No Sound

Discussion in 'ALL MAG BOXES' started by TJ2013, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. TJ2013

    TJ2013 Member

    Anyone knw how to fix this, is it changing a setting or something different
  2. zisaai

    zisaai Member

    What type of audio channel is the VOD provider sending to you? For example dolby Digital / surround sound / DTS?
  3. TJ2013

    TJ2013 Member

    AC3 audio
  4. zisaai

    zisaai Member

    If you are not getting sound for any channels or VOD and previously you were:

    1. Check the setting for Video:
    (not DVI)

    2. Try a different HDMI cable

    3. May be the HDMI port has gone bad, try the 1x3 using the sound cables

    4. Factory reset