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what R4 card do i need for my DSI XL

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by CAROLINE279, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. CAROLINE279

    CAROLINE279 Member

    Hi im fed up with trying to sort out my R4IGOLD.CN card out for my DSI XL i have had all i can take.
    so i would love someone to help me out coz i havent got a cule.:dunno:
    i realy need help to get the best r4 card for the xl an where to get it from and what kind of price im looking at coz as i said i realy dont no as there are so many.
    so who no's whats best PLEASE TELL ME!
  2. bazza8952

    bazza8952 Member Forum Supporter

    get the r4itt purple box very good also does the 3d ds about £15 with a 4 gb sd card
  3. sinno

    sinno VIP Member

    Get the Acekard 2i,its one of the best supported cards on the market
  4. Linny40


    Glad this was brought up! Sinnos ive got an old R4 card with lots of games But if we decide to purchase the new 3ds i know i would need a new type of R4 card - but a) which one and b) would any of the old roms ive got with the old R4 card work on the 3ds
  5. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    I am open to correction linny, but i don't think the 3ds is compatible with any card yet. with regards to the best card to get, I have to agree with Sinno, the acecard 2i is a cracking card
  6. bazza8952

    bazza8952 Member Forum Supporter

    it is compatible with the r4itt 4 3ds
  7. sinno

    sinno VIP Member

    Linny a number of cards are now compatible with the 3ds,it is only the updates for the 3ds that will mess up compatibility,any of the roms will work on the Acekard it is your saves that will have to be changed,there is a online convertor,i will find it for you if you want
  8. CAROLINE279

    CAROLINE279 Member

    thanks sinno, i think i will go for the Acekard 2i as u seem to no what u are on about, ''not like myself''
    but i have had a look on some internet sites that sell them,
    the price differs quite abit, dont suppose you no what kind of price i should be paying.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2011
  9. Linny40


    thanks, Wont be till around August time that we get the 3ds so plenty of time to decide if my son does want the 3ds and if he does want to get rid of the ds he has. By then im sure there will be other updates etc and hopefully by then the price will have gone down :) But at least i now know that those roms will work and can look into getting one of the newer R4 card thats compatible between now and then!
  10. sinno

    sinno VIP Member

    Caroline279,i use this place and never had a problem with there stuff
    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]
    And i get my micro sd cards here
    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]
    I have always got good service from both

    Linny,hold onto the ds regardless,they are usualy needed to perform the upgrade to the card,it will save you looking for one when you need it updated,i had to have one when the dsi was updated
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2011
  11. apd

    apd Banned banned

    My lads got one of them and yes they are unsupported pieces of cack thats why I'm buying him an Acekard 2i.

    But there is a loader for it that will play all the latest games let me know if you want me to upload it for you.
  12. saturdayboy

    saturdayboy Member

    hi m8,just read this thread, try priceangles for cards, £4-£5, 4gb chip £- £5, works with xl , says 3ds compat as well but avnt got 1 to try. downside is time for del as its chinese. worth the wait tho. hope this helps
  13. apd

    apd Banned banned

    I'll pm you the link the as I can't post them till I have made 15 posts....

    download then extract ysmenu

    dont delete your old firmware

    Then drag and drop everything thats in the ysmenu folder to the sd card

    boot your card up normally and look for ysmenu.nds and boot it like you would do a game

    a new menu will load and you'll be able to play the newer games until you buy an alternative card
  14. sinno

    sinno VIP Member

    Just be carefull where you buy guys,there are a lot of clones out there,read reviews about the place first and then make an informed choice
  15. KingWilliam

    KingWilliam Banned banned

    what R4 card do i need for my DSI XL

    Guys try looking at the following Link.
    "R4i-SDHC" Put the rest in front also at the end with the dots, or maybe google it.

    I think W's then COM
    Linny Most old games will be usable on dsi xl and other dsi consoles,
    you will have to load new games only, without sav files,
    then run each R4 card after loading on dsi to install its own sav files individually.
    You cannot copy Sav files onto dsi ranges they will not work.


    Sorry Guys they won't allow me to post the Link.

    Its in the rules i need 15 posts first.
    Last edited: May 12, 2011

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