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WooshBuild v5 - Zgemma H2S-H2H-H52S-VU+-SOLO4K-VU PLUS ZERO

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by wooshman, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. wooshman

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    WooshBuild v5 - Zgemma H2S, H2H, H52S, H5, VU+ SOLO4K, VU+ SOLO2, VU+ ZERO, ET8500, Vu+ Solo2, Edision os mini

    WooshBuild v5
    'Leading the way so others can follow'


    WooshBuild v5 support thread

    WooshBuild Download Link further down.

    WooshBuild includes:
    • A brand new BaseBuild to get you up and running in minutes. A simple all in one, on screen setup system. Initialises, creates swap file and handles your line. If you can press a button, you can flash WooshBuild
    • Automatic transfer of your line from the very first flash. Also backed up to your USB Device for later use and safe keeping.
    • Automatic scanning of your selected region on first boot.
    • WB Config is a brand new all in one plugin. Re-flash WooshBuild, Backup and Restore settings, Upgrade WooshBuild with new versions, set region, country and scan channels. Enable / disable other aspects of v5, add Irish channels to UK bouquets.
    • Auto Channel swaps. When a channel changes, like ITV Encore HD did, each day, Auto Channel swap (if enabled) will look for new channels or change as needed.
    • Internet Connection Check. On boot, restart or gui restart will check you internet connection and will warn you if you are not connected (if enabled).
    • WooshBuild plugin feeds. All WooshBuild plugins, Grog68's Movie Organiser and Chabs SkyQ, SkyWB skin are all available due to the WooshBuild Plugin feed.
    • All WooshBuild plugins can be removed and installed using the default Plugins screen as you would expect of any plugin, removing the need to add any IPK's to your box manually
    • All WooshBuild plugins will update via the standard software update screen (when updates are available). This includes the Movie Organiser and the SkyQ skin (when installed)
    • Any new plugins written by us will automatically appear in the WooshBuild plugins feed.
    • Benijofar's IPTV Player icon updater has been run giving you only the best hosts in IPTV Player. This plugin is available to install from the WooshBuild section in "download plugins".
    • The new SkyWB skin is installed and configured as standard. Also his Sky Planner mod is there too as standard. This has been produced by Chabs and modified for WooshBuild. Any updates are installed when a software update is done.
    • WooshBuild TV - A bouquet where we can add useful videos or other bits and pieces to stream to your box.
    • Irish Bouquet - Watch Irish channels from a different location
    • +1 Bouquet - All plus 1 channels in one place and alphabetical order.

    Most questions have been answered before on WooshBuild v1, v2, v3 and v4. We have produced a FAQs post (post #2) which answers the most asked questions and we add to them as a needed. Before posting please make sure you have read through them. Asking a previously asked question in the support thread will result in your post being removed by a moderator.

    The support thread DOES NOT provide support for:

    Plugins which are not installed as standard
    FTP transfers - This image does not need FTP
    Formatting a USB to fat32
    SD cards or MicroSD cards
    Box not flashing - answered a million times all over the forum
    Upgrading WooshBuild v4 to v5
    Existing WooshBuild v4 users Upgrade instructions:

    1. Backup your settings: Blue button -> Backup Settings
    2. Flash WooshBuild 5.xx: Blue button -> Flash online / local -> Green button -> Highlight WooshBuild v5 -> Green button. Once downloaded, press the OK button, then select Flash WooshBuild
    3. Let WooshBuild do the rest and finally, use WB Config to restore your settings.

    Backing up your settings automatically backs up your line but you should always have a copy of your line somewhere safe on your computer.

    If you are an existing user but want to see what BaseBuild is about, please backup your settings, then proceed as a new user
    What is required:
    • Ideally two USB drives (Sticks/Flash Drives/Pen Drive) whatever you want or call them.
    • Only a small USB stick is all that is required to Flash your box using this image - even a 512mb will do.
    • A larger USB device is advised 8GB bare minimum for recording / pause and rewind.
    DO NOT use a MicroSD card for any of these steps as it wont work without messing. You can setup your MicroSD card after your have WooshBuild on your box.
    USB 3.0 USB sticks may not flash from the front usb port. If it won't flash, use the rear port. One report was it worked in the front but not the back - Hey, go figure
    BaseBuild Downloads
    Download Link is for All versions of WooshBuild v5 - Zgemma, Vu+, Xtrend
    Downloads are all via our WooshBuild dedicated server

    OK, I have downloaded the zip file... now what?
    1. Make a folder on your desktop called "basebuild" and extract the contents of the zip file into this new folder.
    2. Format a spare USB stick ("Flash USB Stick") using the Fat32 file system - ideally this USB stick can be kept safe in a drawer should you need to re-flash your box at anytime.
    3. Copy the Zgemma folder and it's entire contents from the BaseBuild folder on your desktop to the USB stick.
    4. NEW: Copy your line (gift) file, if you have one at this point, also to the USB stick

    The contents of the usb stick should now contain:

    A zgemma folder and a line file (if you have one)
    ----------- Inside that is a folder called h3
    ---------------- Inside that folder are 4 or 5 filesBaseBuild will do what is needed with your line. Providing it is named correctly and is active,
    New & first time users - Install instructions
    New Users & Flashing BaseBuild
    At this point you should have downloaded a zip file from the link above.

    Please ensure your satellite cables are connected as follows:
    back of box.jpg
    Image is back of a zgemma box.

    5. With your box turned off, put the Flash USB stick into the zgemmaH2S box using the front USB port (the one behind the flap) If you are using a USB 3.0 usb stick you may have to use the rear port to flash. If using a Vu+ or Xtrend the flashing process may be slightly different.

    6. Turn on the Box and wait for the letters FLSH to appear on the front screen. It will then change to boot after a minute or two. Once fully booted remove the Flash USB stick from the front of box and keep in a safe place

    You will now be greeted by BaseBuild. From this point on, carefully follow the onscreen instructions. Do as the screen says and you can have WooshBuild flashed, from start to finish in 8 minutes.

    If you are a first time user and have never initialised your USB, you will need to allow BaseBuild to do this for you.

    If you are an existing user, you can opt to skip the initialising step and you will jump straight to your country selection before confirming the Flashing of WooshBuild.

    Depending on your selections, BaseBuild will:

    1. Initialise your USB device
    2. Create a 256mb swap file
    3. Set your country and TV region (used for channel swaps and scanning)
    4. Download and then flash WooshBuild v5
    Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_8.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_11.png

    Once WooshBuild has been downloaded and flashed, your box will restart. You will be greeted by a welcome screen which tells you more about WooshBuild v5.
    At the same time, your channels are being scanned as per your country and region selection in BaseBuild. You box will then restart a final time.

    The only thing that actually remains for you to do, is to populate your EPG (program guide). Green button -> CrossEPG downloader.

    Please take the time to look at the WB Config plugin as this has become the heart of WooshBuild as well as the WooshBuild plugin section on the download plugins screen

    We have worked very hard on BaseBuild to make flashing your box as quick and easy as possible. Remember to read and follow the onscreen prompts. They are there for a reason!

    Happy Flashing

    Credits & Acknowledgments
    • Chabs for our SkyWB - the default skin for Wooshbuild
    • Chabs for his inclusion of his SkyQ skin - Installed as standard
    • Grog68 for his Movie Organiser making WooshBuild even closer to Sky+
    • v5 Alpha testers. So many and too many to mention. You know who you are and we cannot thank you enough for the many many times of flashing and testing.
    • Willo3092 for his groundwork adding Record and Record Series to the recording menus and his py files.
    • Grog68 for his input on python (Monkey)
    • Aimson for his original idea behind the "Flash Ahhhhh" screen in BaseBuild
    • Everyone who used WooshBuild v1, v2 and v2.5, v3, v4, feedback is always the reason for a newer release.
    • Benijofar. My WooshBuild wife (he will say husband). Hours and hours of testing, head shaking, arguing, stress, head shaking, arguing, head shaking. If you ever want something testing to within an inch of it's life, Beni is the guy. (Iron Man)
    • Kiddac for his Slyk 1 HD v5
    Due to the method in which WooshBuild updates online, checks for new versions, does channel swaps and enables re-flashing etc, buying the server a beer is available along with more WooshBuild information by visiting http://www.wooshbuild.co.uk/.
    Thank you to those who have already donated.

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    520B190B-30B9-4205-9C21-43704F61D914.jpeg Can someone please help me why do i keep getting this when flashing wooshbuild v5
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    Maybe the post above yours in red isnt quite big enough. But what about the writing in green. Can you see that, this takes you to the wooshbuild support thread where if you go to the very last page you will find the solution to your problem
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    Anyone know how to sort this out?

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