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xtrend et8500 Issues

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by gypo, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. gypo

    gypo Member

    Hi all,
    I've noticed the last couple of days when I switch my box off at night it's back on in the morning also the epg is not updating properly?
    Anyone help please?
  2. Burlesy

    Burlesy TK Veteran

    what are you using cross epg?
    have you tried defragmenting it then tried re downloading it?
  3. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    Your epg cant update if its turned off and its set to update at night time,Just put the box into standby mode
  4. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    have you read bees guide in setting up a combo box on vix?
  5. gypo

    gypo Member

    Thanks all, yes using cross epg and it's in stand by. How do you defrag it?

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    Do you have a link to bees guide plz? Also not any issues until the last couple of days
  6. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

  7. Gaga123

    Gaga123 Member

    Ive seen on other forums issues with crossepg so maybe just wait and see.
  8. BigJ0hn

    BigJ0hn Member

    Where is the remote sensor on ET8500. If I buy one of these it will have to go behind the TV with only 2" showing at the bottom.
    Not bothered about seeing the LCD screen but will it get the signal from the remote control?
  9. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    You can get an IR extender from eBay for about £4.
    All my receivers are either in cupboards or in the loft.
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  10. BigJ0hn

    BigJ0hn Member

    I've got one of those that came with my Vu+ solo. I tried it once but it didn't seem to work very well unless I was under 3 metres away.
    My chair is about 4 metres from the box. I do use a Logitech harmony remote control though, perhaps it would work better with the original remote.
    I will have to try it.
  11. BigJ0hn

    BigJ0hn Member

  12. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    The ET8500 is the workhorse of all my receivers, it just never goes wrong.