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Zgemma cable help please urgent!!!

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by connor212, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Hi guys first of all id like to wish everyone a very merry xmas :)

    So heres the problem,I brought a zgemma star lc off ebay, and then downloaded the openvix off the zgemma website and flashed it and then loaded on the slyk skin using ftp. I then plugged a usb in and initialised it, and then configured my tuner settings for Virgin, and then performed a scan with autobouquetsmaker and i found all the channels fine. I am using Virgin Cable only, and i loaded my cline also onto the box and my line is definitely working because i checked in server settings and there was a green box. For some reason though i am not able to get on any hd channels? And am not able to receive any of the subscribtion channels all i have is freeview SD channels??

    can someone please help??!!

  2. leyther

    leyther Member

    Have you tried re starting your cam in softcam manager

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  3. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Yes mate still no channels or hd :(
  4. leyther

    leyther Member

    Then I would say its your line mate request a test line on this site just to be sure.They dont call it fleabay for nothing
    I've been there

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  5. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Will try that mate but i think my line is active because in server settings there is a green box with my line to say its working and the guy who provided me with it says its all good on his end, but thanks mate ill give it a go
  6. leyther

    leyther Member

    Ok mate with you only getting fta channels it can only be line or connection have you got a tight connection and the correct tuner configured tuner a sly tuner b cable

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  7. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Tried another line today, same problem still HD channels or subscription just standard definition freeview. Line was definitely working again. Please help someone!
  8. debsyrett

    debsyrett Member

    Have u set sky up in your autobouquets settings. Sky and your area

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  9. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Hi i am not using sky, just virgin cable connection only, and i have set it up in autoboquets settings with my area code
  10. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    setting up cable scanning 64 and 256 ticked? would box and router need a reboot and cam stop/started and autostart?
  11. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Any ideas guys? Still nothing :(
  12. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    Ok so your on openvix, have you scanned the correct area, do you have bbc1 sd? you wont get hd channels at all on vm.
  13. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Im on openvix at the minute and yes i do have bbc 1 sd, was i supposed to flash with sucmnsee image??
  14. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    Connor you can flash with whichever you like, I think Dsayers or Biohead would suit you better. Personally I use the wooshbuild and download autobouquetsmaker from system plugins. If your line is live and working, its something to do with your build
  15. leyther

    leyther Member

    I'm using sucmsee image at the moment with sky skin but settings changed for cable and it works fine but I'm wanting to try biohead after reading up on it seems fine

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  16. connor212

    connor212 Member

    Hi guys tried flashing with a new image and still nothing no freeview hd channels or any subscription channels :(
  17. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    so you have FTA SD? if so either your hdmi lead is gubbed or the box is.....
  18. connor212

    connor212 Member

    yes fta sd only, cant be an issue with my hdmi cable. if anyone has any ideas please help asapp!!

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    and thank you everyone so far
  19. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    You have a signal, you have a build, yet you have no hd,
    which build are you using?

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    sack that its openvix, have you tried another build?
  20. johnboy196

    johnboy196 Member

    i am on openvix box zgemma h2 have sat & cable all my cable hd channels are working perfect..

    are you sure your line is for cable and not sat.

    what type of line have you got from your server cccam or mgcamd ..under tuner for cable have you input your area netid ect