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zgemma combo tune failed on a few channels all images

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H2' started by justwantsky, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. justwantsky

    justwantsky Member

    i recently bought a cpl of zgemma im using them on cable

    i have an issue when i use sport1 hd or a cpl of hd channels the signal level comes back 0% or tune failed

    ive reeflashed this ive put differentimages on and still the same problem

  2. YonyY

    YonyY Member

    You have a weak signal. Have a good look around the forum - it's been discussed a lot.
  3. ants1184

    ants1184 Member

    Same issue, fine at my house not at my mates sd all good only few hd working.
  4. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Sounds like signal issue
  5. Enzo_89

    Enzo_89 Member

    Some people get this if both tuners set up and only 1 is connected

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  6. ants1184

    ants1184 Member

    Tuner a not connected and fine at my home,not there's. Last thing I'm going to try is removing any cable splitters. See if that is causing to weaken the signal.

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    Wonder if there is a way to test vm signal strength like u would satelite.
  7. YonyY

    YonyY Member

    Your zgema will tell you. Where the reading is will depend on the skin you're using. Look for the 'SNR' reading. There will be a reading for each channel.
  8. justwantsky

    justwantsky Member

    theproblem is the drivers in openatv
  9. YonyY

    YonyY Member

    What problem is?
  10. ants1184

    ants1184 Member

    Problem sorted, the splitter seemed to be reducing the signal to the downstairs feed. Splitter removed and all channels bk in HD.