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Zgemma UK Delivery times

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by Brazilian, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Brazilian

    Brazilian Member

    Hi, was wondering how long it took for your Zgemma purchase to be delivered from ZGemma UK, ordered mine at the weekend and checked Royal Mail tracking and its still showing as Pre-Received...didn't have a clue what that meant but found out it basically means (taken off the royal mail website) "The sender has told us that theyre going to post something but we haven't received it yet"

    I was hoping to have the box to play around with by tomorrow but if its not been posted am a bit concerned I may not get it until after Xmas with impending Royal Mail strikes etc.

    Hopoing I am wrong and Zgemma UK has sent the item and its just Royal Mail jargon that's confusing so if anyone can help ease my mind? thanks
  2. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

    Send them an email and ask what's going on.
  3. Tich

    Tich TK Veteran

    [TABLE="width: 621"]
    [TD]Pre-advice Received[/TD]
    [TD]The sender has told us they're going to post something, but we haven't received it yet.[/TD]
  4. Brazilian

    Brazilian Member

    Will do, the pre-delivery received was the confusing part as was wondering if I was being a bit brain dead about it, but our right email them to find out is what i'll do.
  5. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Just ring them there normally good at getting back or pm them via tk messaging system
  6. Brazilian

    Brazilian Member

    Have sent a message, if its not been posted as of today, will check tomorrow morning, then will give them a call...no idea what the owners username would be on here to PM them.

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    Soon as I posted that got an email saying its been posted as of a few days ago...looks like the Royal Mail website is telling me porkies...thanks for all your replies and will probably be back on here tomorrow sometime after I do my head in trying to update it (if its delivered tomorrow)!!
  7. systemlord

    systemlord TK Veteran

  8. williamlaw52

    williamlaw52 Member

    Ordered 2zgemmas last frid received monday did u order from techkings sounds like sender is telling porkies

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  9. Brazilian

    Brazilian Member

    ordered on sunday. i contacted via their website and was told that it was posted on monday the 12th. giving them the benefit of doubt as its xmas and post is a bit slower this time of year. hoping to get it tomorrow....it will be my first box....a virgin so to speak...and i am looking forward to setting it up and breaking that cherry..lol.
  10. Brazilian

    Brazilian Member

    Got the box late this morning, have it setup with a test line for sly which is working fine but was thinking maybe VM for the HD on sports. Thanks for your help...Royal mail tracking is a bit naff!!