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360 Waves Patcher Final Version 2.1.7

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    360 Waves Patcher Final Version 2.1.7

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    SoulHeaven of is proud to announce the final version of its software Waves 360 Patcher. Thanks to you, it goes at last the final version with no less than 7 different languages. I especially thank people like me helped to translate the software, but also all those who put together the few bugs in the beta.
    This software allows you a very simple way to patch your isos in another wave to make it work properly on your Xbox 360 drive flashed if it is not up to date iXtreme level. As usual you can download the software at the following address:
    This new version v2 gives you a lot of new information to:
    - Support of all waves known (1-9)
    - The ability to keep the system update in the ISO of the game to level the bug "the update loop"
    - The ability to directly burn your game once it patched
    - The ability to view just the name of the game, the original wave, the wave current and the configuration chosen to implement
    - The ability to translate the software into several languages
    Thank you not to download it elsewhere on this link, as otherwise the installation errors with version changes.

    360 Waves Patcher Final Version 2.1.7-capture-copy.jpg

    translated through google originally all in french

    Get the latest version at this link
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    Hi, I've got ixtreme 1.51 and my dashboard has not been updated.
    can I play ap2.5 games by only using this wave patch ? Or I need to apply the another patch for ap2.5
    Thank you very much for your reply.

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    Depends on what drive you have in your xbox, if your drive is flashed with latest firmware then you need not worry about waves patching.

    There is no AP25 on older Hitachi Drives (46/47/58/59) but there may is AP25 checks on the newer Hitachi drives (78/79) - There is an LT+ firmware being released for those drives. Samsung is reported not to have AP25 BUT some users have had issues booting AP25 games (we have found that some consoles have been repaired / refurbed with a Samsung drive by MS Official repair centers when the console was originally a Liteon - this could be causing issues - to those guys we suggest trying a Liteon drive - it may solve your problems - do this at your own risk we are simply giving the best advice possible) - so LT+ for these drives may be looked at after the Slim is done.
    You can get firmware by using auto-xbins

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    Resurrecting this thread for a quick confirmation regarding the waves patching and new games. I'm currently on ixtreme 1.4 (yes I know I should update), and I'm on dash 2.0.12416.0. The last couple games I got working was AC brotherhood and NFS hot pursuit. I remember that was about the time the first AP2.5 games were showing up and there was a little walk around for the games to work. Since then I've been using my PS3 mainly but Portal 2 just came out so I'm trying to dust off the 360 for it. From the looks of it however there are no walk arounds for the games these days if you were a person using wave patching unless you update to the latest firmware or have a Jtag? Any help would be appreciated.

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    As far as i know any games that are not ap2.5 can be patched to whatever wave you like and i dont think portal 2 is ap2.5, just dont go online with it obviously

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    Hmm yea I tried patching the wave to 2 and to 3 and when the game went to play it just gave a message that I needed a system update to play it. Anyone know if I'm wave patching and on 1.4 ixtreme still, how far I could go system update wise before backups stop working?

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    This is a very old post, back in oct of 2009 from and abgx360 but it will give you a gist of how important and beneficial it is to stay up to date with firmware, especially since the up to date firmware will still boot your old patched games as its wavless.
    Youll see the different workarounds mentioned in the post like the activation disc and what waves will boot on different firmware and what firmware is waveless and so on.

    Ive seen you asking elsewhere also and not getting much of a reply but i dont think you will either to be honest.
    Everyone expects everyone to stay up to date, waves patcher was excellent...when it was needed.
    Sorry not too be of much more help but i did try to a little more digging then the answer you got elsewhere on the 17th of april

    Will I need a new firmware to play Wave 4 games?

    IF you are on iXtreme 1.5 or below, Wave3 games will not boot for you and thus Wave4 games will not either. In this case, YES you need to update your firmware!

    IF you are on iXtreme 1.51, then ANY wave will boot fine, including Wave4 however you must be EXTRA careful as you are not protected against corrupt or incorrect video partitions. This is one of the many reasons to always use abgx360. If a game is fully verified, playing it on iXtreme 1.51 is just as safe as playing it on iXtreme 1.6 - this includes Wave4 games.

    IF you are on iXtreme 1.6, you can ALSO play Wave 4 and above games, however you need to use a special activation disk to do so. This was added to the firmware specifically for this eventuality - the disk activates "one-shot-boot" mode, essentially it allows iX1.6 to boot any game you insert into the drive, even if its not properly stealthed. You simply insert the disk into the drive, let it spin up (it will say "play DVD"), then swap in your Wave4 game. You will need to do this each time you want to play a Wave 4 (or above) game. Don't worry, if the game has all the necessary stealth data, then iX1.6 will still use it, so if you boot a VERIFIED Wave4 game using this method, you should be just as safe as you were booting a verified wave 3 game.

    The disk is available here: and needs to be burned to a DUAL LAYER disk, but entirely on the first layer (do not set a layerbreak and when imgburn prompts, tell it to burn to the first layer only).

    A new iXtreme firmware will eventually be released with strict wave4 support (no activation disk needed), however some time needs to pass before this happens. Although Cars: Race-o-Rama was the first game to appear in the wild with Wave 4 video, it was not necessarily the first game to be pressed with it. Also, during a wave transition there are often a few exceptions to the process which also need to be known about. There will be no timeframe for this, so do not ask.

    Added after 6 minutes:

    By the way, no matter what wave you have the game patched to it will ALWAYS ask to update. There is no workaround for this.
    The good feature about this version of waves patcher is that it allows you to keep the update on the disc in order to prevent the endless update loop which the previous version caused after patching an iso.
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    Thanks for the reply. I know I should update it's just my current computer motherboard freezes up when I try to jungleflash and I haven't iprep flashed in years and I remember it being a hassle. Anyways I didn't have any problems with any games until the first few ap2.5 games came out, AC:brotherhood and NFS:hot pursuit. Someone at the time released some individual patches to get them to work but then ap2.5 games kinda fell off the face of the earth. Since then I had been just using my PS3 so kinda didn't mess with my 360. With portal 2 not working on the PS3 jailbreaks however I figured I'd check out the 360 again so it brought up the questions I've had. Here's my final question though and that is about the dashboard updates. I know ap2.5 games won't work with my setup even with wave patching. I "think" if I were to just update the dash and still wave patch I could run non ap2.5 games fine, so that is my main question at the moment. Sorry for the paragraph but I know I'm not the only one in this boat and info would probably help some others. As it is when I wave patched down to 2 I could see portal 2 show up on my dashboard but when I went to play it, it just said I needed an updated dashboard basically.

    Added after 16 minutes:

    Well I stumbled upon a different post that had a similar case to mine and people said it will work so I went ahead and snagged the latest dashboard and updated and it worked. Thanks again for the replies and have a good one.
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    Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know!

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