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Auto Xbins-Download Firmware,Firmware Tools

This is a discussion on Auto Xbins-Download Firmware,Firmware Tools within the Xbox 360 forums, part of the Gamers Lounge category; You can get the latest versions of your drives firmware from here ...

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    Auto Xbins-Download Firmware,Firmware Tools

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    You can get the latest versions of your drives firmware from here and also or usually the latest version of jungleflasher.

    An updated tool previously known as easy-xbins.....
    This app will provide you with fast, easy 1-click access to the Xbins FTP service.

    Save the exe to your desktop, or to an alternate easy to remember location, and just double-click it whenever you need access to Xbins. You will be logged into the ftp within seconds, with zero effort!

    Open port 113 on your firewall for the irc identd service. This will half your connecting times.

    This tool was a neccessary update due to recent changes #xbins has implemented in their channel services. The change was neccessary due to people having too much fun stealing xbins nickname
    source xbox-scene
    Auto Xbins-Download Firmware,Firmware Tools-auto-xbins.jpg

    Just go to the section you need, double click as you would a folder on your computer until you reach what you are loooking for Easy...sorry "Auto"


    Also includes items for PS3, WII and so on
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    thanks axxxo it works ok not used Xbins so i give it a go

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    You wont be sorry bobby, latest jungleflasher doesnt seem to be there, version 1.82 but could be because they are working on the new one for the lastest update.

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    can't wait for lite touch v2.0 and the new jungleflasher

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