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e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.91

1) Fully fixed for VTi images

2) Added "sweetness" for lazy people Now if the keyboard is called when editing paths or links, then the ENG layout is automatically set

3) FR locale updated

thanks pepsik

1) The range of unicode characters filtered in the names of groups, channels, and descriptions has been expanded ... Many E2 images simply do not display all sorts of "hearts", "tambourines", "diamonds" and other "garbage". Therefore, "filtering" all

2) Optimized the check "whether the picons have changed on the provider server" ... now it works a little faster ...

3) Removed the output in the message log when redefining the player

4) Slightly optimized the m3u parser code and ***-sort-override so that there are fewer string conversions from str to unicode and vice versa .. now, regardless of the python version, we always get "str" when parsing and work with this data type

5) A little speeded up the EPG parser .... but it gives a speed increase only on python 3.11-based E2 Images ... on the rest, it will remain as it was

thanks pepsik
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OpenPLi Dev_ e2m3u2bouquet V.0.8.6 fix Ipk

v0.8.6 - OE-A - Pli-dev Fix without GUI
OE-A Porting Python 2 Code to Python 3 / Works on 2.7.18 / 3.9.6 / 3.9.7 / 3.10.1 / 3.10.2
FIX Depends: python3-image, python3-imaging, python3-requests

1) Fixed m3u parser to handle "catchup-time" tag correctly. In some cases, this error led to the impossibility of parsing m3u playlists, displaying a log error about a data type mismatch

2) Fixed a small annoying inaccuracy in the EPG parser. Now the import of event events is much faster due to the exclusion of channel events that are not in the m3u playlist you use.

3) Support for "gzip, deflate" HTTP compression has been added to the EPG importer, which in some cases can significantly reduce the amount of data received, and therefore speed up the download of the necessary files

thanks pepsik
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Fixed DNS Resolver crash after fully rebooting, which appeared mainly on Python3-based images.

thanks pepsik

1) Increased user IP detection time.

2) Changed the request for obtaining ISO693-3 codes for DreamOS-based images

thanks pepsik

1) Plugin menu icons changed. Minor changes in built-in skins

2) Changed how "available" RAM is determined to be compatible with older SatTop box (like DM7020HD) cores when importing EPG events

3) Fixed the ability to select the /etc and /home folders when specifying the location of the plugin configuration files

4) Partially modified log messages

5) Refreshed Italian locale (thx mapi )

thanks pepsik
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1) Fixed crash log for VTi images

2) Slightly reworked the EPG auto-selection algorithm by channel name to improve the accuracy of its work

3) htmlentitydefs is included as a module and the plugin no longer requires this dependency to be installed

4) Once again, the algorithm for importing EPG events has been slightly redesigned. Fixed python bugs to work correctly with ZIP archived EPGs.

thanks pepsi

1) Fixed a memory leak when using the EPG event auto-detection algorithm by the channel name from the playlist (if the EPGurl link is set in the provider's card). This resulted in the overloading of some "weak" SAT-boxes on some providers

2) A part of the Damerau-Levenshtein algorithm code has been slightly optimized... Now the "difference" of strings is searched much faster

1) Fixed the appearance of the "names.client" error for images with the old or truncated twisted library (Merlin, Pure2, e.t.c.)

2) The functionality of xml_escape and xml_unescape for XML files has been completely rewritten. Instead of the previously used xml.sax.saxutils module, precompiled rules for regexp, and the name2codepoint module are now used. This increased both the speed and quality of processing. Often, the descriptions of programs in XMLTV contained HTML tags that got there due to poor parsing by the provider of HTML resources with descriptions of programs ... Now, thanks to name2codepoint, unescape of program descriptions is much cleaner and more accurate ... taking into account the unescape of all possible XML and HTML tags

3) For images with threads.deferToThread support (90% of existing images), no temporary files are almost ever created now. All operations for downloading and processing any data occur in the RAM-"pipe". Temporary files will be created automatically if and only if there is not enough free RAM to store and process data... moreover, they will be created on the media with the largest available free space. Information about available RAM and the amount of cached data is displayed in the log. Storage and processing in RAM - eliminates slow read/write operations on any media. Operations in RAM are a priori the fastest!

4) Any operations of parsing m3u or XML files are done on the basis of "generators". Generators in python are the fastest and least "gluttonous" functions both in terms of CPU and RAM resources