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e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.47

from the author,Dorik1972:
-Before creating bouquets with this version, be sure to remove the channel picons created by this plugin by the mask *1010101*

1) The scripts of the control ipk package have been redesigned. Now it should be put/removed even on "dense" images like a OpenPLi 6.2 or OpenATV 6.1 ;D
2) The algorithm for generating bouquets and serviceref channels has been redesigned. Now, if you have several providers, then "errors" when generating by any of the providers do not lead to the removal of bouquets of other providers...
3) The EPG parsing algorithm is integrated into the plugin. It is included in the "Configuration"-"Import EPG after updating bouquets"-"On". EPG will be generated only for successfully created provider bouquets (item 2)
4) On the basic skins of the OpenPLi, OpenBH, OpenVision images, etc. the picons will be saved in the plugin configuration folder /E2m3u2bouquets/picon/ and will be perfectly displayed in InfoBar and in the favorite list of channels... In fact, you can store them anywhere you want
5) All the logging of the plugin has been completely redone. Now everything is "written" in the regular menu of the "Show log" plugin... It is enough just to save it by the "blue" button
6) If you have started creating bouquets and/or importing EPG - there is no need to wait for the "completion of the process". You can safely log out of the plugin and watch TV ... At any time, you can go "back" to the plugin, for example, in the "Show log" menu and see what is happening at the moment
7) A lot of minor improvements and optimizations have been done. Now only the file names are practically left from the original e2m3u2b code :

8) A cool animation has been added to the information menu. Fans of my "epistolary genre" can test the QRcode... Number of tests - UNLIMITED from anywhere in the world ;D

SPECIAL thanks to oleg8000, for the endless patience of my "rudeness" when testing on DreamOS and helping to create skins, and Shar_Nir, for the design of new icons for the entire "line" of plugins I have redesigned, updates of which are "the other day"...
1) Updated the logic of creating and "filling" configuration files of EPG parsers (Crossepg and EPGImport)
2) The logic of the code for using EPG autoloading after "generating" bouquets has been updated.
3) The plug-in operation on OpenVision images of any versions has been restored
e2m3u2bouquet Update ver1.0.45

from the author:
- "p.s. rewrote the scripts taking into account that the SDCard can be mounted as /media/hdd/.... check... updated under the same version index"
e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.45

from the author: --""Fixed a bunch of different little things, mostly "prettiness". The channel sorting algorithm has been optimized alphabetically. A small reorganization of the code was performed to implement the possibility of saving the "custom" sorting of bouquets by the user (to be continued...)""
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e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.44 (Mod Dorik1972)

-Fixed an error that occurred when choosing to sort channel groups alphabetically in the provider card
-Added SDCard auto-detection, for receivers that have a CardReader. Now the plug-in configs will be stored on SD by analogy with HDD/USB
-In the "configuration" menu, the ability to select the day(s) for automatic import of m3u -> bouquests at a specified time has been added. By default, all days of the week are selected.
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e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.43 (Mod Dorik1972)

"Completely redesigned pattern regex-pa for m3u parsing ... now it works ~1sec faster for 800-1000 processed records
The theory says that if we do re. compile () for union, i.e. like this re. compile ('timeshift|tvg-tec|tvg-id|tvg-name|tvg-logo'), then rewriting it like this-re. compile ('t(?:imeshift|vg\ - (?: id|logo|name|rec))')... we will get an increase in speed by hundreds of times"
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e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.41 (Mod Dorik1972)

Changes have been made to the skinpatcher to support the latest versions of OpenVision and images from FoxBob in which, in skin.py, there is no applySingleAttribute method
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