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E2tools home of dsayers scripts V0.2 (beta)

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This will be similar to whats already in my H2H zeggy help scripts (without image down loader) but should be able to use on any image/build.

The plugin will be called E2tools you will have options for E2Tools Scripts, Autobouquetsmaker, EPG Import and CrossEPG.

E2tools Scripts has options for deleting bouquets including iptv bouquets, Deleting EPG Data downloading SNP or SRP picons.

IP_Checker this will help to see if VPN is running by checking if your external IP Address changes

Lastly update plugins option this will install latest ABM (Config/Provider files may still need updating) and E2iStream plugin

More updates will be added as time goes on including any requests

Send IPK to tmp

To install the ipk

Telnet command

opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk

Alternatively in telnet openwebif/ putty copy and paste the code below

opkg install

Installing via the box


Menu... setup... software management... install local extension memory/tmp Press ok on the package press green to install.

Menu > setup > VIX > Iplkg install or install local extentions then ipk installer memory/tmp Press ok on the package press green to install.

Reboot box.

Once box has rebooted press menu then E2tools and press ok on the option you want to choose, for E2Tools Scripts you will be asked if you want to confirm to run script
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