Grogbuild FreeRange

Grogbuild FreeRange 2019-03-19

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Updated the instructions in this post so that they match those in the support thread
We are pleased to announce we are the first build installed via command line that does not require you to flash the box with openATV or openVix before installing the build, the GrogBuild Freerange Installation now asks you which you want to use as a base build (if OpenVIX is available for your box) and then flashes the latest stable image for you. Assuming that you have your USB/HDD connected to the box (used for recordings etc) then you can use this method.
See the Installation Option 1 in the first post of the support thread found at
during installation you can now choose to install e2m3u2Bouquet plugins and enter the details provided by your provider.
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It appears that ATV 6.2 has messed up the led display on the zgemma (maybe others) and the vfdcontrol plugin is now required.

Grogbuild FreeRange now comes with it installed and the settings should be correct but if you want to play with the different LED display options then press the menu button and select Setup -> Usage & Gui -> Display -> LED display settings.
I have added a new prompt to the setup script, now if you don't opt to restore your settings you will be prompted to enter a new box hostname, if you wish to keep it as the default hostname just hit the enter key when prompted.
Grogbuild FreeRange will (should) now work on OpenVIX. I have tested this on my VU+, I have not tested on any box that OpenVIX does not support such as a zgemma.

Also prompts you for netID and Sky/FreeSat regions during installation if not restoring from a backup.
So far this build has been tested on the following boxes:

Zgemma H1
Zgemma H2
Zgemma H2H
Zgemma H4
Zgemma H5.2tc
Zgemma H7C
Zgemma H9T
Vu + Uno 4K
Vu+ Solo SE
Edison OS Mini
Miraclebox Hybrid Mini
Formuler F1
Mutant 51
Xtrend et8000 running openvix 5.2

Please let me know if you install on any other box
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