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Images Install grogbuild freerange ROI & UK through Putty Grogbuild unbloated version freerange

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Installing Grogbuild FreeRange
We are pleased to say we are the first build installed via command line that does not require you to flash the box with openATV or openVix before installing the build, the GrogBuild Freerange Installation does it for you. Assuming that you have your USB/HDD connected to the box (used for recordings etc) then you can continue to install Grogbuild FreeRange.

  • wget --no-check-certificate -O && bash

  • Highlight copy and after you put in the IP address of your box into putty where red arrow is pointing i blanked out my IP address and press enter on keyboard
  • Login = root
  • then right click in the putty window once and follow on screen prompts
  • I used this to install on Zgemma Star 2 S Works perfect.

  • Screenshot (35)_LI.jpg
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I really do hope this works.....