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Linux Mint 20.3 now offers a separate Edge ISO for the Cinnamon Edition to help users with latest-gen hardware!

Linux Mint 20.3 release brings in several improvements. However, it is powered by Linux Kernel 5.4 LTS.

So, users with newer hardware may find it troublesome to boot or run into other incompatibility issues with an older Linux Kernel.

Fortunately, Linux Mint 20.3 now has an Edge ISO featuring Linux Kernel 5.13.0-25.

Linux Kernel 5.13 With Linux Mint 20.3

Linux Kernel 5.13 introduced support for AMD GPU FreeSync via HDMI along with many other hardware improvements.

So, for instance, if you have an AMD GPU and have issues with Linux Mint 20.3, the Edge ISO can come in handy.

Yes, if you have newer hardware having trouble with Linux Mint 20.3, you can try the Edge ISO.

However, Linux Kernel 5.13 did not fully support all the modern hardware like Intel Alder Lake processors.

Considering that Intel’s 12th Gen lineup is already available for consumers, a more recent Linux Kernel could have been a better choice, but it’s better than nothing.

So, it is essential to note that using the Edge ISO would not magically resolve issues with the latest-gen hardware. You will have to go through the detailed changes/support with Linux Kernel 5.13 and then proceed to try it out.

You can choose to download the separate Edge ISO or update the Linux Kernel from the update manager.
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