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MAG 254 2019-10-24

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This is firmware i have come across and have tested on mag324 and works perfectly on my stb. MAG 254 NOBLOCK
this is in no way shape or form anything to do with me and all credit must go to NEPOSE who is a techking user. this is his work so give him the credit he is due.
i came across this as i was searching for solutions to unresponsive box black screen after channel change and also the no connection issue at top of screen.
now to use this firmware you have to do a hard reset keep reset button depressed to force in factory image till led flashes quickly. all info for your box to be factory reset can be obtained from informir website with step by step instructions on how to do so.
as i have stated this works perfectly on mag 324 as i have no other mag cannot state its viability so users choice.
software includes mag250-mag324. no-block is included
and i throw a big salute to NEPOSE for his work and give an unreserved Thank you please do the same
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