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Nova TV is an Android application that provides Movies and TV shows in HD Quality for free. Nova TV has lots of amazing sources for movies and tv shows. The interface of Nova TV is absolutely stunning and clutter free. You can also try Cyberflix and Flixoid app for movies and TV shows in ultra high speed.

Nova TV is a media content search engine that crawls movies/tv shows links and display in a categorized manner. It also provides download option to save movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

The UI of Nova TV is very similar to Netflix UI, that makes the viewing experience much better. Nova TV fetch ultra high speed links in very high definitions such as 1080p and even in 4k quality
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Latest updates

  1. NovaTV-v1.9.9b[Ad-Free]

    NovaTV-v1.9.9b[Ad-Free] Ads disabled / removed; Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions +...
  2. NovaTV-v1.9.7b[Ad-Free]

    NovaTV-v1.9.7b[Ad-Free] Ads disabled / removed; Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions +...
  3. NovaTV-v1.9.6b[Ad-Free-2]

    NovaTV-v1.9.6b[Ad-Free-2] Ads disabled / removed; Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions +...

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