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We will talk about sfvip player, which offers the opportunity to watch all paid or free channels in our country and in the world with the help of a program and a code for sports lovers who want to watch a match on the computer.
First of all, sfvip player is a program that opens only on the computer. There is no Android or ios version.
For this reason, only people who want to watch the match on the computer can use it.
SFVIP Player Installation – Written Expression
Sfvip player installation is very easy. I will try to explain the installation with two different methods for you to understand better.
After downloading the program from the download buttons below, extract it to the desktop and open the program.
Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the program.
Let's click on the plus sign on the human icon on the ribbon that appears.
You can enter a name you want in the NAME part of the screen that opens. It's not a big deal.
Copy the link that starts with https in the .txt page we have given to you in the Address section and paste it here.
In the MAC section, you can enter the mac addresses in the .txt page we have given you by trial and error method.
Finally, we click on the yes button.
It will send us to the place where we first opened the program and you can enjoy watching TV by clicking on the human icon at the top.
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