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Today, watching movies has been a popular entertainment need and seems indispensable for many people, and even me. In my experience, films are one of the best forms of stress release that everyone has the right to enjoy. Because human-made films never fit into a single genre, and depending on your preferences, the needs of moviegoers are always finding ways to create cool movies leading. Besides, with the technology growing, today, people did not need to go to the cinema to enjoy good movies. Instead, you can use the TV at home, or simply a smartphone can also satisfy the pleasure of watching your film. Perhaps you do not know that in the smartphone that I always carry with me, there are still some great movie applications. And in this article, I will introduce to you one of my favorite movie-watching application – Tubi. Developed by Tubi TV, Tubi is one of the useful free apps for always updating new movies with high quality. With what this app offers, I assure you, you will have great entertainment moments anywhere and anytime.


I can assure you that the interface of this application has been nicely arranged to suit all users on smartphones. If you are familiar with other movie applications, using Tubi will be simpler and more accessible than ever. If you have not had the opportunity to experience a movie application on your phone, this application will certainly not cause you any difficulty during use. Basically, this app gives users a lot of different movies and is divided into several categories. And of course, all of these movies are collected by the app developer from legitimate movie sources, so any movie that you watch is highly detailed and sharp. For me, I’m always very serious about the issues that the film I watch on my phone have to be high quality, and I assure you that this application will ultimately meet the needs of watching movies of a friend. Besides, not only does this application bring you many movies that are updated continuously, but it also posts popular TV Shows that have been shown on television. In my opinion, this is a great application that can meet any need to enjoy your movies. In addition, the way to enjoy a specific film that you have chosen in this application is straightforward. When you are interested in any movie you find, when you select that movie, the app will tell you a lot of information about the film. After you know the content and genre of the movie, you can decide whether you will watch the film or not. And if you are interested, you just need to click the Play icon on the screen immediately, and now you can enjoy a new movie. While enjoying the movie, if you do not want to have to watch it with the display of the phone, the application can still meet your needs by streaming on Smart TV. Of course, you must perform the synchronization process to use this feature of the app.


There are many standout features of Tubi that I would like to introduce to you. However, I will not be able to mention all the capabilities that this application can do, so I will only highlight its main salient features.

A lot of movies you can enjoy in this app​

As I mentioned, this app gives you a treasure trove of blockbusters of all genres. That’s why you can’t tell me that this app is not exciting because you cannot find the movies you love, because, in my opinion, it can meet all the needs of watching movies friend. There are many types of movies you can look for in this app, such as Drama, Comedy, Action, Horror, Anime, Korean movies, and many other genres for you to enjoy. Besides, the application also provides users with TV Shows with content that I am sure will get attention from you.

Some other interesting features​

Besides giving you a vast treasure with hit movies in many genres, the application also gives you many new movies that are divided into New and Top-trending. And you can also search for a film you were introduced to using the search engine. With this feature, you just need to type the name of the movie, genre, or famous characters that appear in your memory, then this application will find a list of all the movies or TV Shows with the keyword you have given.

For me, Tubi is one of the coolest movie apps I’ve been using on my phone. So do you want to enjoy the perfect entertainment? Download Tubi now as it will not let you down.
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