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Network WiFi analyzer - Vistumbler V10.6.5

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I have uploaded the actual Vistumbler resources in zip files as the link I provided is dead. This is the current version V10.6.5 updated 28/6/19. This is a snip of Vistumbler scanning the WiFi feed of my hub EE-Hub-5peR to a new powerful PC using the standard version. The data given is shocking and the reason I do not use WiFi for IPTV

I am in a modern house with cardboard walls 14ft away from the router and yet this data shows I am receiving 51% of the hubs signal in 2.4g (#1) and 23% of 5.0g in (#9):openmouth:

(#7) is my nearest neighbour and I am receiving 50% of their WiF data and they are on the same channel as me :LOL:

For good reception a high signal and a low RSSI are best and I have neither.

Vistumbler is used by hackers to identify unlocked hubs and it would be easy for me to connect to (#3 & #4) and get free WiFi or hack into their system. I am not advising anyone to hack their neighbours WiFi but to password protest your own!!

The main Vistumbler zip file is for all versions of Windows up to the current version 10.

To install Click the download.JPG link above and not this one. :LOL:

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Needed this, thank you