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xtream-editor V3.06 - Enigma2 XE-AIO (All-in-one) 3.0.6

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Enigma2 XE-AIO (All-in-one)

This plugin contains:
  • Bouquet, picons and EPG downloader
  • TV Archive (Catch-Up) player
  • VOD player
  • VPN setup
  • Custom Media Player with Seekbar

The plug-in helps you to load the channel list, picon and EPG onto the Enigma2 box. Only EPG from us are supported. However, you should first adjust the "EPG ID" in your channel list to the EPG source. The TV-Archive player only works if the provider offers it. The VOD player is fully available for API Lines. For normal M3U lists the group titles have to be adjusted. For M3U lists, no IMDB data is available.

Install XE AIO (SSH Client)

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