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Images Zgemma H7C Backup_03Jun2019_Wooshbuild Infinity_VM2 HD Skin_Open ATV 6.2_Softcam Feed (Ccam, Mgcamd) 1.0

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I've received a fair amount of help, and I've really put other people's work together and made it work for myself
Most of this work isn't my doing, however an "almost complete" backup image would probably help people. This is a backup image for a dual DVB-C tuner. If using only one, you may need to disable the other.

It's "almost complete" for most people. If you live in the same NETID area, AND use the same IP addressing system as me AND use a dual DVB-C tuner, then it should all be fine, however this is unlikely. Minor changes are needed for most people I think.

I have hidden some of the bouqets ie: shopping, adult, and lifestyle

This backup is provided "as is" and without warranty. No CLINE has been added as well.

Download this backup from:

Zgemma H7C Backup, no download

I would ideally like to use an OpenVix image or a general release Open ATV image instead of a nightly, however so far Wooshbuild Infinity is only supported on OpenATV (as of 06/06/2019), and it doesn't look like Openn ATV have any general release images for the Zgemmas yet either.
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