Amiko A11 GOLD Mytv3 WIFI 6 HDR10 Bluetooth Remote (Discount)

    Amiko A11 GOLD 4K WIFI 6 BT5 £8 Discount Code for TK members.. Enter 8TKGOLD at checkout! Enjoy exceptional streaming quality with the Amiko A11 Gold Box, which turns your TV into a complete entertainment center. Equipped with Android system, it offers a wide range of applications and...
  2. E

    Amino mini combo fix

    Hi, I bought an amino mini combo box for £100 and I was told I would have all the channels for a year. Does anyone know if there is a way to override the box and acces the paid for channels once the time has run out. Thanks, Eesah
  3. H

    Firmware and quick code

    Hi All I'd like to know what is the latest FW for the LX800 Amiko box please. I see there is a way to enter quick code instead of typing the URL, where can I find the code. Thanks
  4. zgemmah2s

    How to remove AMIKO_HD8150_Galaxy_S_2.4.41_by Dekolte

    Hey guys I have Amiko HD8150 that had 10030A00_2.2.03 EMU however yesterday I by mistake upgraded it with Galaxy_S.2.4.41 by Dekolte downloaded from here Now I do not have any channel. Only one I get from satellite scan that are not ordered and no...
  5. S

    Amiko Alien 2+

    Hey Guys, Apologies if in the wrong area, I have searched online for most the day and I am a little lost as to if this is possible or not so here it goes...... I have an Amiko Alien 2+ and as far as I can tell it will accept V***N connection so I have my gift uploaded to the box and also set...
  6. B

    Iptv on an amiko mini combi

    Can it be done, I know there is a net media in the menus. Is it similar to the openbo
  7. B

    Iptv on an amiko mini combi

    Can it be done, I know there is a net media in the menus. Is it similar to the openbo
  8. W

    Amiko a3 software

    Does anyone know of any other firmware I could put on my amiko a3. It is constantly crashing and generally doing my head in. I have ordered another zgemma box to replace it but if I could get it to work for more than a day I'm sure I could put it to some use.
  9. C


    Hi Can anyone help I have a mini amiko spiel & thinking of moving from a Sat line to IPTV I not sure how to or install IPTV player for example "Perfect Player" on the Amiko any help would be grateful, if i cannot install player on the amiko I have a smart tv, got a trial 1 year ago , noticed...
  10. Sweaney

    Amiko Combi

    I've got a Amiko Combi, flashed FM, worked once before but died second time? Any-body know where I get SW for dead Amiko Combi ie; loader through RS232? Plus instructions?