1. dsayers2014

    Mgcam Mgcamd 1.46 ipk for vix and openatv all boxes 2021-03-15

    Mgcamd 1.46 arm and mipsel ipk for open vix and openatv mg_cfg file included just send newcamd.list to usr/keys Should work for both openvix and atv on both mipsel and arm boxes In softcam panel/setup you should have 2 options mgcamd1.46_arm for arm boxes zgemma h7 etc or mgcamd1.46_mips for...
  2. Fez1

    Cccam 2.3.9 arm & Mips Cccam 2.3.9 arm & Mips

    Cccam 2.3.9 arm & Mips Support of long ECM at any CS-server (Providers: TNT Sat, NTV Plus) Support of providers: SkyDE (caid 0x09c4), NC+ 4k (caid 0x1884) and Dorcel channels 19E Support of NC+ provider (caid 0x1813).