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atv 6.1

  1. grog68

    ATV 6.1 pausing at 34-37

    Over the past couple of days my latest build has been freezing during boot at somewhere between 34 and 37. Most the time it freezes for a few seconds and moves on but a few people have said they've left it 5+ minutes and it just hasn't moved on. Thinking I might have an issue in my build I was...
  2. grog68

    ATV 6.1 a mess after software update

    OK I have been using atv 6.1 on my boxes for a while, and I do software updates now and again, probably once or twice a week. Yesterday I noticed I couldn't 'browse network' to the box from my pc. I checked samba on the box and I get an error saying feeds down for maintenance or something like...