1. dsayers2014

    Plugins AutoBouquetsMaker stand alone ipk's

    Here you will find AutoBouquetsMaker in the discussion thread
  2. F

    AutoBouquetsMaker Hides all

    Hi, I have woosh 7.1 fresh install and using EPGimporter to pull in bouquets and epg. Up until now I was able to hide the ones i didn't want through AutoBouquetsMaker but all of a sudden they all hiding! If I turn off hiding completely it works fine but don't really want to do that as it will...
  3. siilver

    blank docs epg - 7f3 to 7d9

    just wondering if anyone has some of their docs epg blank on satellite, with ABM, with epgimport and openatv i went in and look at the .tv files and the channels that have the blank epg part of the reference code is different to what epgimport has for them current reference...