1. Prim@l

    10% off eBay - selected sellers - Use code JANSAVINGS22

    10% off selected sellers! | eBay. Save 10% - Use code JANSAVINGS22 Hopefully the above link takes you to the page. Using the search criteria, you can search for qualifying products. Use code JANSAVINGS22 @ checkout
  2. Prim@l

    Amazon Deal - Amazon Fire TV Devices - 4K Max = £49.99 - 15/04/2024

    UPDATED 15/04/24 - Amazon TV Devices OFFER BACK ON! OTHER RETAILERS WILL ALSO HAVE THE SAME OFFERS (ARGOS, CURRYS, JOHN LEWIS, ETC) Below might help you compare/decide: Introducing Fire TV Stick 4K Max | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls) 40% more...
  3. celldweller

    Gadget recommendations

    I have recently purchased a projector from Amazon (link: and have only tried it on the ceiling as I haven't had time to truly test it, but it has a fantastic picture from what I have seen so far. The projector only costs £49.99 and will worth it. Any other cheap...