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    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Dual Boot Et8500

    I have dug out my old ET8500 however it is dual boot. I cant for the life of me get it to flash. i seem to remember that i had to do something with the power button. can anyone remember how to flash this?
  2. M

    Zgemma box stuck on A H9S

    Hi box stuck on ,,, A ,,, tried 4 usb nothing will flash box also cant get into ip address,,, is this prob what they call bricked ,,appreciate any help thanks
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    MAG 256 Boot problem

    Hi at all, I have a problem with 2 MAG 256....when do the boot the box still blocked after INFOMIR page and not charge the embedded portal. I also try factory reset and reinstall 2 type of standard firmware but the problem remain. I managed to install a MOD firmware and the box goes on...but...