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box setup

  1. gary27

    How to sort IPTV and sub

    Hi all I have a venton unibox and as sly channels are going one by one someone told me about IPTV channels. So how do I go about sorting this and whats the cost of sub for this...(I'm looking on rouge gallery) before I would pay for a sub......... Any help would be great cheers all
  2. MAD DOG 81

    hiya using a zgemma h2h and h2s site has been great for info so far but still need help

    hi im using a zgemma h2h and cant get a picture on virmin tried loads of images n builds n no joy but could be down to not using 2 cams and cant get much sly channels as in movies or sports except ssp 2 n 5 n ssp 5 roi would be great if someone could tell me how to setup oscam too and my live...