buzztv 5

  1. Kuul Media

    Buzztv B5 UHD 4K Android 11 Media Player- 2/16GB | Buzztv 5 | PVR

    ARRIVING TO KUUL MEDIA BUZZTV B5 UHD 4K ANDROID 11 MEDIA PLAYER PERFORMANCE ON THE BUDGET! Say hello to our new BuzzTV B5 for Android™ with the latest Base Core processor, it provides reliable performance with features you can count on. Its our base model but don’t let that fool you! Included...
  2. Kuul Media

    2022 Buzztv X5 Android 11 UHD 4K Series Arriving Soon - X5 64 Ai & 128 Ai

    NEW BUZZTV X5 AI SERIES WITH NEW SMART BT-400 REMOTE CONTROL ARRIVING TO KUUL MEDIA SOON THIS SUMMER! Smart TV learning that can auto scan your tv model to control tv via BT-400, New backlit design, Hot keys, Bluetooth.. full specs to follow.