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  1. cactikid

    Home installs

    Many years ago when kitchen got an upgrade i needed to run cables through a box section and used a plate at the far end beside tv,spoilt for choices now with so many to choose from so many on google now for tv , pc , sound systems.
  2. D

    OTHER Man cave / summer room football watching

    I have a xtrend 8500 dual tuner cable box in my front room with the virmin broadband router and a additional TiVo box in the back room. The xtrend is a great bit of kit and I have never had any issues with it for almost a year with help from the people on this site.. Having my garage / workshop...
  3. Sher

    One channel pixelated

    So I got vm cable to work on my VU+ box and everything works fine except Sky Movies Action which is heavily pixelated. All other channels work fine. What I have tried: Different splitter same issue Different cables same issue Different providers same issue Checked all connections connected...