1. P

    Catchup by show

    In short, does anybody know if it's possible to get an IPTV sub that you can browse/search catch-up by show, instead of browsing via the channel? Slightly longer version - I'm still finding my feet on IPTV, hoping to convince the wife to ditch Virgin so trying to find a way to emulate a lot of...
  2. rpidemon

    Guide Enigma 2 IPTV Setup Guide

    INTRODUCTION A guide to help people setting up IPTV and movie viewing on new or none working Enigma 2 device. A lot of people seem to be having bother getting things running smoothly when it comes to IPTV weather it be on here or elsewhere there are plenty of complaints and unhappy users, people...
  3. T

    XE-Catchup and VOD issue

    I have a zgemma h2h running on wooshbuild v7. Have IPTV through xtream editor which also has VOD and Catchup. When on VOD or Catchup and i try to pause or fast forward it always crashes showing a blue screen is there any fix or any configuration need doing. Your help will be really appreciated...
  4. M

    Xtream Catch Up

    Hi Guys, Currently I have 2 IPTV Subs from different providers and to make everything look neater and easier to use for my parents I combined them on my own private Xtream Editor subscription under the standard M3U list with the EPGs linked to the channels. I have now decided Id like to use the...