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  1. StrawDog

    syslog watcher and attacks on my router

    I wonder if any one can help with what looks like attacks on my router? I have a server and on it i have "syslog watcher" that captures all my data that's going back and forth....I have a RTN 66U black night router which is flashed with tomato and all working fine except for some of the...
  2. C


    Hi Can anyone help I have a mini amiko spiel & thinking of moving from a Sat line to IPTV I not sure how to or install IPTV player for example "Perfect Player" on the Amiko any help would be grateful, if i cannot install player on the amiko I have a smart tv, got a trial 1 year ago , noticed...
  3. dangerous

    Config file for Oscam 2017-09-17

    Config file for Oscam Port :8888 Can be used for ATV if you have issues with the standard Oscam downloaded from plugins. There is a blank reader for cable and one for satellite, just edit what you need and switch off the second reader if your not using two readers. Pm me for any help :)