1. FreshMagix

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER ET8500 remote

    anyone know where i can get one of these? tried everywhere i can think of.
  2. muckievillan

    Windows Remote

    Hi all, I can't use a remote because of MND, i use eyegaze on a Windows 10 tablet Unfortunately the tablet won't download apps and I'm looking for a remote that I can use and download for a Mag 322 Any ideas what I could use? Cheers
  3. muckievillan

    Joystick Mouse

    I currently use a 3M joystick mouse because I can only use my thumb and have limited movement because I have MND. Im losing movement and could do with a mouse similar to a gaming joystick which I would able to control without moving my whole arm. My computer is a Windows 8.1 Pro tablet Can...