1. B

    Halifax net id

    So i orders the edison mini dvb c to switch from my openbox v8s. Going to come flashed with openvix or something. Trying to grind how to setup before it comes to make this easy I have been through a list net ids halifax is not listed but west Yorkshire and huddersfield are do i need to use...
  2. W

    MINI Box rebooting cannot work it out

    Can anyone advise why this box is rebooting intermittently, everything is working as it should when it working but while watching it randomly turns off and reboots sometimes not passing the splash screen until i physically reboot. I am running the latest VIX image, purchased from WOS and i am...
  3. I

    Missing EPG on Zee Indian Channels

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I am running openatv 5.3 and since yday i have not got any epg listings for the 3 zee tv indian channels. Tried to do manual epg but same thing and deleted the .dat file and downloaded epg again but same thing. All the other channels epg seem...
  4. HiTecK

    OTHER Edison Download Upload Section HERE!

    This section Edison is new as of this post date, Upload/Download is HERE. So we wont see members asking where the download section is.... Will we :rolleyes::D. :).
  5. B

    MINI Edison OS Mini

    Can anyone comment on the wireless feature of this box? Does it work well? Ie, no real issues with freezing etc. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. H


    Hi all Can Anyone thro any light on this, I AM Thinking of buying a receiver but Whitch box is best, the Edision™ OS Mini (DVB-S2 Tuner) Processor: Mips Broadcom 742MHz Dual-Core, , or The ZGEMMA H.2S SATELLITE BOX ✔DUAL CORE ,