1. KGH0210

    Any electricians able to give some advice

    Hi All, Random one on here i know, i am looking to install some spot lights on a unit but i only have plug sockets within the area. is there a way to run any spot lights off of a plug socket ?. all cabling will be hidden so no issue adding in an FCU and going from there any advice appreciated !
  2. sinky077

    vw golf sdi 2005 electric windows faulty

    iav got a vw golf sdi 2005...the promblem is both front windows wont go down any more i think the cable as snapped...ican get any 1 to fix it ..is there any body from merseyside ..he could fix it i will pay them ..been to 3 garges .the just couldnt be arsed with it
  3. Muse - Uprising [Official Video] - YouTube

    Muse - Uprising [Official Video] - YouTube

    "Uprising" is a song by the English rock band Muse. It was released as the lead single from the band's fifth studio album, The Resistance, on September 7, 20...