1. Ferret.

    Tools Dreamboxedit Latest

    DreamboxEDIT is a Windows channel list editor for all Enigma(2) based boxes. Due to the consequent further development by @dhwz, it is the best known software for Windows, which must be mentioned in connection with set-top boxes based on Linux. From a pure userbouqueteditor, a piece of software...
  2. R

    Reprogram Sky Remote to work a GigaBlue?

    Has anyone reprogrammed a SkyHD remote to operate a GigaBlue ? Similar to how it can operate basic functions of TV by typing in a 4 digit code.
  3. S

    Amiko Alien 2+

    Hey Guys, Apologies if in the wrong area, I have searched online for most the day and I am a little lost as to if this is possible or not so here it goes...... I have an Amiko Alien 2+ and as far as I can tell it will accept V***N connection so I have my gift uploaded to the box and also set...