epg offset

  1. RJFirth

    Satellite IPTV EPG is timeshifted

    Hi everyone, Currently trialling an IPTV provider and so far they're convincing me on a long term sub. However there's a problem with the EPG provided: it's timeshifted by -2 hours (i.e. a programme starting at 11pm on the EPG actually starts at 9pm) As you can imagine this is somewhat...
  2. R

    Epg offset/timeshift tutorial for Enigma2 (Zgemma)

    NEW INSTRUCTIONS & UPDATED SCRIPT 14/01/2021 v1.2 What's new in v1.2 * No need to uninstall the previous version before updating to new version. * Script will automatically remove the old cron without deleting other crons in the list. * Daily update time changed to 06:10am as some providers...