1. B

    ET 8000 HD Flashing

    Hello all, had extend for couple of years now but running on openvix very early version which is not supported now for updates, question is if I flash the latest version of openvix is there anywhere I can use a skin which is all set up so I don't have to set up all again, or could I back up my...
  2. bobsleigh

    Best router for low broadband speed

    Hi all some advise please! I live in a rural area and the max speed of broadband I receive is 2.5 meg...terrible right?! I have a wired connection set up for my xbox one and and my zgemma sat receiver, wired as in using tplink extenders in my electric sockets, but still at times suffer with...
  3. B

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER wooshbuild and cable

    I see there's a wooshbuild for sat has any one tried changing the tuners to cable and seen how it runs. I can't test it yet as I don't have cable (being installed with my new house). I can't really see why it's labeled as sat only