1. L

    Zgemma H9.2S died? White logo

    Good evening all, After I came back from my holiday I turned back all electric devices at home. Before I switched everything off I forgot to press white switch on my zgemma. Device show always white led, it's clearly not booting. No hdmi signal, I tried to restart several times according to...
  2. J

    New Zgemma H9.2S setup??

    I bought a zgemma h9.2s today off amazon and want to know what to do before it arrives in relation to USB downloads & setup. This is my first zgemma set top box so am a novice with this. Also is h9.2s just a better version of the h.9?
  3. KGH0210

    SD card booting H9.2s with open ATV

    Anyone got a guide on how to boot from an sd card on the Zgemma h9.2s with open atv ? Cheers