hd channels

  1. A

    HD channel no audio option showing H3.2tc

    Hi I have a H3.2tc on Openatv 6.0 with whooshbuild infinity on it, running VM HD+ skin. One one of the HD (Asian channel Sony MAX HD) channel is getting video but no sound. Going into the select audio track menu it doesn't show the audio channel option (yellow button), only the AC3 Downmix...
  2. dsayers2014

    DVB-C HD Channels frozen but sound playing in background [VU+ Uno 4k]

    Hi I have noticed a strange issues this morning on my VU+ Uno 4k running OpenViX 5.1.032. HD channels are frozen picture but sound is playing in background SD channels are fine. I have tried manual scan to see if its a frequency issue but its still the same and ive also tried NIT_analyser.py...