1. S

    HD51 4K Advice on next box

    Hi I’ve had a Zgemma h2.s for 2 years and looking for the next box. Use is FTA channels and IPTV. Have always had my eye on the hd51, is this still a strong box for the money? Or is the new hd60 better?
  2. Willo3092

    HD51 4K In-line power switch for Mutant HD51

    These are a good alternative to pulling the plug when trying to power off the HD51. It's just a power switch that fits between the power cord and socket. DC 12V Inline Switch Cable On/Off Rocker Switch DC Jack 5.5mmx2.1mm Male to Female Connector
  3. Willo3092

    Mutant HD51

    Anyone want to swap their HD51 for my Zgemma H7C? I've given up on ViX ever being released for it.
  4. 8valia

    Hd channel not working

    Hi, It seems like sly hits HD is not working in but is working in SD. Anyone else's HD not working? Vermin line
  5. Q

    Display Date/Time on Mutant HD51-4K front display

    currently the box displays which channel i'm viewing on its front panel display anyone know how to get it to display date/time instead of channel ? im running oppenvix latest image with Vix-Night-HD skin regards Qvic