1. chenks

    HDMI CEC control with HDMI splitter

    so i've got a bit of a conundrum here. in my living room i have a Sony TV and a Zgemma set top box. HDMI CEC is enabled and i can control the Zgemma box using the Sony TV remote - all works fine. i have a TV in another room and the plan was to use an HDMI splitter along with HDMI over ethernet...
  2. R

    HDMI CEC - Forward volume keys - Sony Bravia

    hi all just got the new H9S and happy with it so far apart from the issues already discussed on the forum. one thing i cannot get to work is HDMI CEC to forward volume keys via zgemma remote to my Sony Bravia. Has anyone else had this issue and knows of a workaround? possibly a bravia thing...
  3. M

    HDMI-CEC stops working on nvidia shield

    As the subject says , HDMI-CEC has stopped working on my shield. It was working perfectly but stopped sometime between the last update and now. It used to turn on and off the tv when I shut down the shield but stopped doing that. All settings remain the same. Tried the usual of turning...