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    IPTV button on Openbox V9s Remote Control doesn't work.

    Hey, i need to assign the IPTV button to my Xtreme Code app? I'm not sure though on how it could be done? I would really appreciate it if someone could help? Thank you
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    losing my wifi when i plug in adroid

    sorry if in wrong place i have a strange 1 i got a loan of my brothers android box but when i plug it in i lose my wifi on my laptop
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    XtreamTV for zgemma h2s

    Looking for help setting up my XtreamTv for my zgemma h2s. Iv got as far as putting my ip from my box onto putty then put root into the black box that pops up then enter. After that I got told to copy my code in next which I have into the same black box that I put root in and nothing...