help needed !

  1. M

    Renault Laguna 2007 radio code

    I need helo with my Laguna radio code. I attached photos of security code and serial number. I just cant find it anywhere.
  2. R

    Audio Description zgemma - star

    I seem to have audio description on some of my channels. How can you switch this off?
  3. N

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER BBC1 Buffering / sticking every few minutes

    bbc1 - stops and starts every minute of so... latest build xtrend 8500 50meg connection all other channels sweet
  4. K

    IPTV button on Openbox V9s Remote Control doesn't work.

    Hey, i need to assign the IPTV button to my Xtreme Code app? I'm not sure though on how it could be done? I would really appreciate it if someone could help? Thank you
  5. G

    recovery software iphone free (Dr fone)

    Hi, guys so my son gave my iphone a bath, I'm not fussed over the phone I just want my pictures and a few notes off it, I found dr fone recognised that the phone had stuff on it still which the laptop didn't, but it wants a lot of money for the privilege of doing the final bit, if anyone knows...
  6. the reaper

    Windows 10 HELP!!!

    I want to load a ts video file to onedrive but it keeps failing--avi etc load but not ts and it's important to load as ts--can anyone please give me a dummies guide---I tried all the so called links for info and followed them but to no avail. Please remember I am blind so nice easy steps...
  7. T

    Nissan Micra radio code needed please

    Hi there. Father in law needs a radio code since battery replacement. Radio number is CL0816 9 0105123 Nissan part number is 28185 BG10A MODEL NO is PP-3001M-B HOPE someone can help please. Thanks
  8. H

    Replacement screen

    I have a iPhone 6s plus, I have cracked the screen and need to repair it. The price in apple is not cheap, but they tell me they do more than just repair the screen for there price. I have tried to find an OEM one, but the ones sold on eBay etc seem to be fake. Do you think there is a...