infinity wooshman

  1. DEBOY

    Wooshbuild infinity SkyQ skin

    Hi Guys I’m getting a black screen for a few seconds if I’ve not turned over for a while, am I missing a setting to do please as it’s just a bit annoying & also is there a way of changing the color of the programs that are on as channel picons are fine just description in listings using arrow...
  2. DEBOY

    Wooshbuild infinity SkyQ skin

    Massive thanks to all involved helping me set up my h92s! Finally got there with the help of a few of you.Also the build is brilliant and skin is quality
  3. S

    Satellite H7s network resetting

    Hi I have a H7s running whoosh infinity. I’m on virgin fibre and I’m a vpn on my box. The way to run the vpn (as virgin don’t like VPN’s) is to set the network up with DHCP as yes and then google dns. This has worked for over a year, but now most days this seems to reset to DHCP=no, this...
  4. foxer7

    infinity on zgemma hs

    hi there its been a couple of yrs since I flashed a box. Im trying to get infinity on my old hs the wooshbuild download sends me to where I have 3 options to download for my box so i try all unzip files and put on a formatted...