1. R

    tm nano se plus

    i was advised by an administrator of an iptv server that i should install open itv on my technomate tm nano se plus. at the moment it has an open pli image on it which i installed from my memory stick so i know the stick is ok. i have tried many openitv images but the box does not seem to pick...
  2. Andy Mcd

    How to install VPN ?

    Have just purchased my own vpn and would like to install it onto my zgemma main reason just for when using the iptv for any sites that are blocked etc. Have had a look and cant seem to find a proper guides if anyone has any guides or videos that they can share and i will give it a try im using...
  3. F

    External Cable Cover

    Hi, Please can someone advise were I can buy a length of the brown cable cover (as installed by VM) shown on the attached picture. I'm struggling to find it online.
  4. trickpaul

    Don't blame it on the sunshine, moonlight, good times, blame it on the kodi

    I presume everyone's seen the next installment of the "kodi bashing" out today Ipo given permission to ban kodi, to stop illegal streaming!!!! Everyday!! Now banning a legal os just cos it's opensource!!! And free Its like banning a Linux OS if someone downloads an mp3 Never going to...