1. the reaper

    How to load firmware

    Need help lol Can anyone give me the full installation guide for installing firmware on android box using usb key. Thanks. Reaper.
  2. D

    VM Setup for Galway, Ireland

    I've got a quad tuner (2xDVB-S + 2xDVB-C) running openvix. It's been rock solid for 3 years. I've got VM broadband but not TV service. I'm thinking about trying out Virgin Media on the box. Does anyone have a setup/instructions I can follow?
  3. I

    Missing EPG on Zee Indian Channels

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I am running openatv 5.3 and since yday i have not got any epg listings for the 3 zee tv indian channels. Tried to do manual epg but same thing and deleted the .dat file and downloaded epg again but same thing. All the other channels epg seem...
  4. Sweaney

    Amiko Combi

    I've got a Amiko Combi, flashed FM, worked once before but died second time? Any-body know where I get SW for dead Amiko Combi ie; loader through RS232? Plus instructions?